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Traffic Violations in Virginia

Traffic violations are serious matters that can result in large fines and even suspension of your driver's license. These consequences depend on what type of traffic violation you were ticketed for.  

Reckless Driving

In Virginia reckless driving is any speed over 80 mph or 20 mph over the speed limit.  A reckless driving summons means that you have been charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. A class 1 misdemeanor can lead to any of these consequences:

  • $2,500 Fine

  • Six points on your Virginia License

  • A misdemeanor Conviction

  • Possible Jail time

  • Increase in Insurance Premium

  •  Suspension of Drivers License

  • Court Fees

Penalties like these can interrupt your life and cause unnecessary inconveniences to not only you but your family, friends, and even career. 

By having proper representation you can avoid these penalties, and in some cases the hassle of appearing in court. Tri-Cities Law Group works to give you peace of mind knowing that everything surrounding your traffic violation will be handled carefully and professionally.


Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is not as damaging as a reckless driving summons but, can still be just as obnoxious. Speeding tickets can lead to points on your DMV driving record leading to increases on your insurance premiums. 
The worst thing you can do is let something so miniscule cause you such a major headache. Tri-Cities Law Group handles speeding tickets efficiently and and allows to carry on with your life uninterrupted. 
Retain our services today and stop stressing over your speeding ticket!

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